The Positive and Negative Domino Effect


The Domino effect can work both in a positive and negative way so I will try to explain both. It is all about how one thing in your life has an effect on many other things in your life as a consequence. I will use a simple example that I am sure you might have (partially) gone through as well; I certainly did, but thank God it was the period when I started to read self development books, or else I hate to forecast what might have been.

Jack (a fictional character), was a middle aged fellow, happily married with his wife. He was a car salesman, a typical middle class guy, earning an average salary, in an average house in a decent part of the city.

Come autumn time however, Jack managed to trigger a craving appetite for chocolates. He excused himself of this crave since it was getting cold and his body needed those extra calories to burn, to keep up with his daily activities. This continued for the next few months.

Walking from the car park to his office, a mere 150 meters was not even noticeable for Jack before, but now he struggled to walk to his office. By the time he was there he was out of judi dominoqq breathe as his body was playing tricks on him.

His boss greeted him the following morning and reminded him that he had an important meeting in 2 hours with Mr and Mrs Smith who showed an interest to buy not 1 but 2 cars from their company. His boss also noticed that Jack looked pale and asked if he was alright. At that point, as Jack was out of breath, he did feel a little dizzy and started to worry because he could not even remember who Mr and Mrs Smith were. Maybe it was the dizziness or his boss’s comment.

Jack did not give the attention the Smiths needed, to make the sale, since his anxiety and concern for his health were more important at that time. This is now where the “Negative Domino Effect” starts to really kick in. Because of his health problems, Jack missed a good opportunity at work and not only did not impress, but failed blatantly in the eyes of his boss at what looked like an easy sale.

Second gear of the Negative Domino Effect – Jack leaves work and goes home early. (No, his wife is not messing around with the neighbor if that’s what you’re thinking). However Jack is now disappointed and angry with himself. Thinking of how he disappointed his boss, and of course his bonus at the end of the month, he was in no mood for talking.

Seeing that Jack was in no mood for explanations, his wife offers to take the dog for a walk in the park with Jack, just to get him out of the house (one of Jacks previous daily duties). Jack is in no such mood and angrily demands to be left alone in a babyish sulking attitude. So the wife decides to take the dog for a walk by herself and leaves Jack sulking on the sofa in front of the t.v.

This is where Jack’s wife’s “Positive Domino Effect” is ready to begin. While walking the dog in the park she meets up with a few neighbors and enjoys her chit chat. Having enjoyed her time, she makes a commitment to walk the dog on a daily basis as it has done her good, both physically and mentally. Feeling the body fat burning, and also being able to get out of the house, talking to friends at the same time. This was great!!!

Third gear of the Negative Domino Effect – Jack is now even more angry and realizes that his wife has had a good time instead of staying home and sulking with him. Stressed out, he reaches out to the one thing that still makes him happy – his chocolates.

Fourth gear of the Negative Domino Effect – Jack now feels worse than ever having had all of those chocolates. With the absence of fresh air in his lungs and some exercise, he goes to bed with not even speaking a decent word to his wife. And of course, no shared activities with his wife that night, not even a goodnight kiss.

The same routine for both carries on for some time and Jack does not realize that he is pushing his wife away. And it all started from his negative eating habits that led to his physical and mental problems. Now the wife is lacking attention from her husband so she seeks attention elsewhere. (I can feel your mind drifting elsewhere again.)

Second gear of the Positive Domino Effect – Jacks wife is feeling his distance, but determined not to give in to anything, since she has done nothing wrong. She continues her daily walks and physically feels great. This feeling urges her to socialize even more with her friends, improving her mentally as well.

Third, Fourth and Fifth gear of the Positive Domino Effect – Jacks wife is now looking fitter than ever, has met new friends to fulfill her need for companionship, and is now receiving the attention from many. She has even been complimented by her male friends of how she has changed recently. Her higher energy levels are showing at work, and she becomes the center of attraction, making her feel even more desirable than ever.

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