How to Use Facebook to Generate Leads – Part I


Over the last few years social media has exploded. It started off with a site called MySpace, but now things have moved on with both Twitter and Facebook. Many people are now seeing the power of using Facebook to generate leads because the site has millions of users worldwide.

Facebook is a social site for connecting people together, be they family, friends, people who share similar interests or even co workers. It is also a place where brands and customers can interact and build relationships.

A social media site with a huge audience offers huge benefits to anyone looking to do marketing online. Imagine being able to tap into that worldwide audience and use Facebook to generate leads and sales for your business.

One example is that world famous brands are now using the Facebook logo on their advertising. Having the ‘F’ logo on your advert can lead people to the facebook lead generation campaign page for that brand. There are a number of strategies you can use to gain new clients and I will cover some of them now.

Fan Pages

Facebook has a facility to create what are known as Fan Pages and it is very easy to set one of these up. This facility has been proven to be a great way to use Facebook to generate leads.

Once you have a fan page up and running, people will be able to find you. Use your brand, product, company or service as the name for your fan page. By doing this you will be making it easier for people to find you when they use the search facility.

There is what is known as a like facility. The more likes you get for your page the more popular it will become. To start the ball rolling it is recommended that you provide the first like so go ahead and click on the like button. As part of this facility you will be given the opportunity to tell your Facebook friends about your new fan page and get them to like it too. You will find some friends will go ahead and like it and some will ignore the request.

Once you have your fan page created then you need to set about populating it with good valuable content. Post interesting articles that you have written and also articles from publications and other sites. Basically anything you think could be of interest to your audience should be posted.

The one thing you must not do is try to sell too often. Many people think by putting out offer after offer they will make sales. The reverse is true in fact. Your fans will get turned off by your endless sales promotions and will soon cease being a fan of your page. I advise sending out a promotion occasionally, perhaps once a week, but leave it at that.

After a while you will find your fan page attracting more and more people. It is at this point that you can start interacting with them and generate Facebook leads. The value of having Facebook fans is certainly on the rise.

Facebook Ads

This is going to cost money unfortunately, but it is a good way to generate leads.

The way the adverts work is that they are based on display rather than search which means your adverts are going to trigger based on the page content the person is reading at the time.

You can target people by geographic location, age, interest, sex etc. The better targeted your adverts are the better the ad itself is likely to perform. Ensure you configure your ads accurately so that they will target your customer base effectively.

You can create your advertisement to lead to your fan page and this way you will get people to like your fan page. To encourage more likes you can create a free ebook to give away. Your advert could even point to an external website that you may wish to promote.

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