How to Start a Home Based Beauty Consultant Business


You wish to start a beauty consultancy from your home. Great! However, you are not sure how to start it. Well, let me help you in stepping into the world of home-based business.

First of all, you should know that starting a business is not a child’s play. You need to have a sound business plan, a vision for your business and, of course, and the finances for it.

Do not expect to become another “Amway” or “Mary Kay” overnight. I do not want to dishearten you. I just want to say that it requires tons of hard work, patience, and determination to be among the top players of the world. So be prepared for burning your midnight oil.

Most of the people are of the view that working for the leading companies like Amway would help you in career growth. It might be true. However, I would suggest starting an independent business. Being an independent beauty consultant is far better than working for someone.

10 Tips To Get Noticed As A Beauty Consultant:

o Contact a local health club. Ask them to distribute leaflets or stick posters denoting that the club members will get 10-15 per cent off on a particular beauty treatment such as manicure, facial, and so on.

o Offer a special service such as “bridal treatment” at the bridal shop of the local wedding planner.

o Offer your services at a lesser rate on certain days. Put up pamphlets stating discount offers to cheer leaders, soccer clubs, or golf clubs.

o You can offer manicure or pedicure services to the mothers at the local baby clubs.

o Local hospitals and other such places are the perfect place to provide your services. People here badly want some pampering and will feel great with your service. You might even make some permanent customers here.

o While offering your services to big hotels, be smart in portraying your services. The big customers can be a gateway to a big break!

o Provide door-to-door service in the initial stages. It works wonders in collecting publicity as well as customers!

o Implement marketing strategies such as providing a nicole pearl beauty club membership to the customers who visit you frequently. Offering discounts on every 5th or 10th treatment or offering half rates on introducing two new people to your services are also effective marketing tactics.

o Advertise your services by sticking your posters in places that provide complimentary services in return of sticking their posters at your beauty salon.

o Another way to attract customers and make them feel special is to offer other services such as coffee or books to read.

Thus, your home-based beauty business should really make your customers feel at home.

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