How to Choose the Correct Trade Show Display?


You should choose a trade show display based on the trade show or event for which you will be using the display. The display that best presents the products, services, and company image desired, will attract future customers. Frankly, a display is designed to do assist in creating or maintaining brand awareness. For once an attendee has been lured to your display; your booth’s job is done. It is then up to you to throw down the hammer and commandeer that attendee as a future customer.

With only an ephemeral moment to seize the attention of a trade show attendee, your trade show display must make a plea to your target audience’s needs. Your display has to effectively communicate who you are, what you do, and how your company can be of aid.

But, determining the correct display can be a daunting task. When purchasing a trade show display, you want to choose a professional based company with expertise and excellent trade show displays customer service. If you consider the questions listed below you will have a much better idea of the direction for your display needs. Keep in mind; you will be limited by the size of your booth. Working under that premise, take a look at some options for that area.

1) What is the booth size?

2) What is the show budget?

3) How many individuals will be working the show?

4) What are the marketing and sales objectives?

5) How will the display be transported to the show?

6) Will graphics need to be created?

By answering these questions, you will narrow the search for a display booth. Once objectives and your trade show calendar for the year have been set, the next step is to choose a display. The display decision should be based on the specific show objectives, budgetary restrictions, as well as, corporate branding goals and guidelines. If for example you are a marketing director for a big company with an unlimited budget and want to position yourself as a leader in your industry, a large booth space and a custom or high end modular exhibit for enhanced appearance would best suit your needs. If, on the other hand, you are a startup or small company with a limited budget, a great choice would be to consider an inexpensive Pop Up Display. Most companies fall somewhere in-between these two extremes.

Pop Up Displays are the most popular option for spaces at sales events and conferences. There is a wide range of pop ups and most are available with podium wraps to convert your carrying case into a podium or small table. Further, Pop Ups can be complemented with shelving, peninsula counters, backlit headers, literature racks, and other accessories which can convert an ordinary Pop Up into unique marketing tool. Some of the key factors to look at in selecting a pop-up are durability, ease of setup, availability, fabric colors, and warranty. If you sometimes exhibit in smaller spaces, you could consider a convertible booth which can be easily converted to a smaller size. Each display booth uses a frame that can “pop up” allowing the display to be assembled in minutes. The frames are extremely durable and make it easier for individuals to set up and tear down. They are made of different components, some graphite, steel, and/or extruded aluminum.

Manufacturers would argue their frame is the strongest, the lightest, or simply the best. Just remember each represents their particular calling card. You could equate it to the myriad of different HD televisions now available on the market. Though, when broken down to its bare essence, no one is any better than the next. The makeup from one frame to another is not overly important. Further, most of these displays have one thing in common… a lifetime warranty on the frame. Some offer a one year warranty on their display. The frame is the most important piece to your display. Every model, big or small, is a great portable trade show display choice for any trade show exhibitor. Today, marketers must achieve their goals with reduced budgets. Again, Pop Up Displays will assist you in stretching your budget because they are lighter weight and designed for easy set-up and tear-down. Further, you will save on storage, transportation, and labor costs.

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