How I Take Care Of My American Girl Doll

So you finally bought your daughter that classic American Girl Doll. Now comes the most important task of taking care of your American girl doll. I came up with a top 5 list for how to and not do take care of your doll.

Also a good tip for cleaning your American girl doll’s face is with baking soda. Yes baking soda, all you have to try and do is scrub your dolls face with a little bit of baking soda and water. Make sure not to scrub to hard, as you don’t want to damage the face paint.

Here are some of my Top 5 Do’s :

o Don’t Keep your doll to long in the sunlight. Sunlight will fade her paint!

o Wash your hands before you play with your doll.

o Vacuum your doll’s cloth body with a little tiny bit of starch rubbed into it.

o Try and brush our your cheap reborn dolls hair with a good wire brush.

o Keep your doll in her box if you can

Here are my top 5 Don’ts :

o Try to keep food and drinks away from your doll.

o Don’t store your doll in a damp wet environment. Wetness can cause mildew and mold !

o Use a hair dryer or other heat source on your doll

o Put your doll or her clothes in a dryer

o Keep doll away from your little brother!

American Girl dolls at 18 inch beauties preserved in American History. They take after real life people and should always be treated as a real life person.

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