How An Office Chair Improves Work Productivity

Most people tend to overlook their office chairs (they even ignore their office mates and colleagues) without realizing that these often ignored office chairs should be treated with much more importance than our computers and laptops. Yes, our office chairs may not cost much, but we should know that the office chair may either help us or kill us…

And no, that workplace chair is not going to transform into a robot or something. What I mean is that studies show that most office workers are not physically fit and suffer from poor blood circulation as well as poor posture. And the root cause of this problem? Lack of exercise, bad diet and surprise, a less than nice work chair.

On the other hand, if an employee is careful to choose only a good, ergonomically correct work chair, this will reward him. Not only will he feel super comfortable and supported (physically, not morally nor financially), chances are he will also be working harder. So what is it with office chairs that increase work productivity?

Minimal maintenance is required

If you want to find an work chair that requires little or no maintenance, then you might as well buy the more expensive chairs. It will cost you more of course, but there will be less chance that you will be hassled over broken wheels and damaged casters. How do you expect to get your day’s workload done if you keep on getting down to fix what’s broken?

And then, if you decide to fix it after your work is done, you will still be unable to focus because you keep on thinking how on earth you ended up with this wobbly chair. So tip? Find a เก้าอี้ทำงาน chair with sturdy wheels, strong parts and durable fabric even if you have to spend more for it.

Better posture and circulation

Health problems are one of the leading reasons why more and more people are getting rid of their old regular office chairs to buy an ergonomically correct one, even if they have to spend quite and amount of money on it. On top of that, the most common health problems brought about by inferior seating are poor circulation and poor posture.

Most office workers suffer from these two health problems because they are seated throughout the entire day (thus minimizing blood circulation) on workplace chairs that do not give them enough support (thus the poor posture). Surely, what kind of work productivity do you expect from sickly people with body pains and back aches?

Poor posture is a result of sitting on an chair that does not provide lumbar support for the back. When there is lack of support, we tend to slouch on our seats to see the monitor more clearly or slide down on our seats until we are almost lying down, almost sleeping. Poor circulation on the other is a result of minimal movement throughout the day. Pressure points are concentrated on certain parts of the body and are not distributed throughout the body, which then is why we feel so stressed after work.

Better comfort equals greater focus

Providing your employees comfortable seating does not entice them to sleep on their jobs. On the contrary, because they are comfortable, they can concentrate on doing their work. They do not have to shift endlessly on their seats, trying to find a position that will make their office chairs a little bit more bearable.

You will lessen the chances of your workers slapping their foreheads in despair because they simply can’t handle their job anymore – because they are not comfortable. You will also lessen the chances of your employees looking for another place to work – one that offers better office chairs.

Preventive measure against injury

As said above, sitting on prolonged hours on office chairs that do not give ample support to the body and especially to our backs will result to poor circulation and poor posture. If you do not find a solution to this immediately, you or your employees may end up with permanent back aches and other injuries.

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