Add Some Sparkle to Your Dress!

Nothing draws attention better than a dress that catches the light and makes you shine like a star! There are a number of ways to achieve the look, from the subtle to dresses with all-out flashy glamour. Sequins, rhinestones and metallic fabrics can all make you shimmer; it’s just a matter of choosing the look that is right for you.

Sequined dresses have been a popular look for a long time. Although sequins are most often associated with glamorous evening gowns reminiscent of beauty pageants, on a shorter dress with a sexy cut they take on a whole new look. Sexy sequined dresses in jewel tones are a great way to make your dress shimmer and shine in the lights of a club or even as you walk down the street. Make the most of the look with a dress that is completely covered in plus size sequin dress; after all, if you are going to do sequins, you might as well go for it all the way!

Rhinestones are another great choice for adding some sparkle to your look. Because they tend to be even flashier than sequins, they are usually used as accent details rather than a whole look. Dresses with rhinestones straps, waistbands and belt buckles are a great way to add that glamorous touch without going overboard. Rhinestones are also often used to create a pattern or an image on a dress. This can be anything from the subtle to the very obvious indeed, including designer labels written out in rhinestones. You might also see other words or images like dollar signs, hearts, and even the popular Playboy bunny logo in rhinestone accents on a dress.

Another great way to choose a dress that draws the light and therefore the attention of everyone around you is a metallic fabric. Although the most popular are gold and silver, there is really no reason to be limited to these color choices. Metallic fabrics in deep colors, again usually jewel tones like red, blue and purple are also perfect choices. Metallic fabrics have the advantage of being less stiff than sequins but still give the all-over effect of slinky, sexy light in motion. These fabrics are also very versatile and can be used with all kinds of different cuts and fashions. Because they are light and flexible, they are an excellent choice for dancing the night away and keeping all eyes on you when you’re on the dance floor.

Shiny fabrics, glimmering sequins and flashy rhinestones will all attract the light and give off a multi-faceted glow. There is no way you are going to fade into the background in a dress like this, so step out with confidence! Add some shiny strappy heels, or let the dress be the piece to stand out with basic black stiletto heels.

A wide variety of shiny, shimmery dresses for every occasion; everything from subtle rhinestone details to sequins all over. Whatever you want to make you shine, you will find it there!

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